Wildcraft products

Information about our rotating, seasonal, wildcrafted body products

All of our Intention Candles and body products are wild harvested from the Salt Spring Island from my second home, the wilds of the Bridge River Valley, using sustainable practices, handmade in small batches that are one of a kind and completely  dependent on plant availability, the seasons and inspiration. Such products like soaps. bath salts, salves, Intention Candles and body butter are constantly evolving and changing with harvested materials and infused oils on hand, certain blends will be created once and possibly never again! So if you see a wildcrafted variety that you just have to have…get it while you can!!

All our products are made from as many local ingredients as possible with no additives, artificial colours, fragrances or palm oils.

(Please research palm oils if you would like to know more! I have decided the environmental consequences out-weight any healing properties this oil may have but form your own opinion.)

Our products also contain no added preservatives except for the naturally occurring properties that can be found in vitamin E oil, coconut oil, honey and essential oils so please use common sense when using! Any added moisture introduced to a product (besides soap, bath salts and toothpowder) can create a perfect environment for bacteria, always use clean hands or a sterile implement to remove your product from the containers and when in doubt…store products, such as face creams that are used often, in the fridge or in a cool place. All our products come with a 3 month guarantee from the date of purchase, if you are unhappy with any of your purchases please contact me and I will send you a new product of the same of equal value. (Shipping charges may apply) If any questions arise, please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear any feedback to help improve, grow and inspire!

Creating soaps and all Ravenwood Wildcraft body products is a creative, healing process as it connects us to the earth, puts us back into the cycle of the seasons and allows for an intimate knowing of local plant life and fauna.  The unraveling of plant knowledge and wisdom is a magical place! Be part of the journey with me and explore endless possibilities!