Intention Candle Care

Ravenwood Wildcraft uses the highest quality ingredients we can find. We use only 100% pure soy candle wax for its low melting point, wildcraft plants hand harvested using sustainable techniques, often using plant materials that have blown down in storms on Salt Spring Island, B.C. and remote Bridge River Valley, B.C. All candles are scented with 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils and topped with semi precious stones and crystals.

Each candle is uniquely crafted and no two are the same. We create candles by intention first; then choose wild plants, essential oils and crystals that resonate with that intention. We only create small batches of each intention candle and we may never make the same one again! So if a candle resonates with you…get it while you can! We are always inspired to create new intention candles that mirror and reflex the global consciousness…we hope our candles help you create ritual, let go of unwanted energy and find new ways to open your heart and mind as the world is changing and evolving so quickly.


Never leave a candle burning unattended.

Place away from pets, children, from other flammable material and out of drafts.

Place candle on an even, heat resistant surface.

Always trim wick to 1/4″ before lighting to avoid wick ‘mushrooming’, wick tunneling or a ‘sooty’ burn.

Allow candle to burn until an even pool melt forms across the surface of the candle. ( 1-3 hours) This will prevent tunneling of wick and prolong the burn time of the candle.

If crystal or plant material is obstructing wick, remove or push to the outer rim of candle.

Do not move a lit candle, jar may be hot to the touch and warm wax can spill.

Burn candle for a maximum of 4 hours at a time.

Discontinue burning candle when wax is a 1/4″ from the bottom of the jar.

The candle is topped with a semi precious crystal or stone which will fall to the bottom of the candle as the candle melts. It can be removed prior to lighting candle or kept in candle and removed when the candle is down to the last 1/4″. Any soy wax on crystal can be removed by sitting crystal in warm water. I love placing my charged intention candle crystal in my house plants or around my garden.

Warning! Each candle is made with loving magickal intention…! Magick may happen.

Frosting and fading can occur with wildcrafted plant materials as all ingredients are natural. Please remember to replace lid after each burn time to slow fading of scent and plant material. Frosting of soy candle wax can occur as the product is 100% natural. This is mainly due to changes in temperature over the life of the candle.

Ravenwood Wildcraft has applied a safe candle practice sticker on the inside of each candle lid to remind you of safety practices.

Ravenwood Wildcraft or founder Jennifer Keir can not be held responsible for any damage or injuries that may occur from purchasing one of our Ravenwood Wildcraft Intention Candles.

Thank you for choosing Ravenwood Wildcraft Intention Candles!