I am in awe of trees and spend as much time in the forest as I possibly. This candle ‘vision’ came to me in a dream and I could not get started soon enough to put this candle together.  Trees are grounding, remind me to stand in my power, to dig deep, put down roots, surrender to life’s ups and downs and to be mindful of what fills me up and connects me to the bigger picture. This Candle was created to honour all the gifts and lessons from tree medicine.

Soy wax infused with wildcraft cedar; a sacred tree of purification and healing, arbutus berries to maintain the balance between light and dark aspects of life and shedding what no longer serves us, wild juniper berries hand harvested in remote BC mountains for clarity, wisdom and manifestations,  pure essential oils of cedar, juniper, black spruce and pine, topped with a huge clear quartz crystal to amp up gratitude and blessings to all the beautiful trees.


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