Oh the abundance of it all!! the ups and downs and everything in between. So often I am reminded of all the beauty and blessings to be thankful for; this candle is loaded up with my garden lemonbalm and california lilac flowers..both of which bring mCale so much happiness.

Lemonbalm has a long history of being a herb for a tea to cheer you up with her bright lemony scent and flavor and also a herb for longevity. I have a big california lilac bush (ceanothus x midnight magic) in my yard that at this time of year, absolutely vibrates with happy honey bees. The bright blue flowers are stunning and are thought to bring in blessings and good fortune.  Essential oil of lemongrass is added to this bright and happy candle to light your mood, open your heart…I swear you can feel the sun on your face when you smell this candle. Topped with a beautiful full moon soaked (this one just happens to be the strawberry full moon in capricorn) amethyst crystal.


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