Celebration of the Womb Intention Candle


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A celebration of the womb, the creative process, our life’s blood, where we hold our stories, our pain and bring in new life as we constantly shed the old. This magickal place is sacred in its ability to bring forth love and life, offer so much pleasure and discomfort, hold thought patterns carried throughout generations,¬† the power of creation while at times yielding so much fear. This candle is a reminder to celebrate our womb, our cycles, the introspection it can bring, to honour and care for ourselves as the sacred powerful beings that we are.

Soy wax infused with red clover, a healer to the uterus, wild raspberry leaf as a uterine tonic, wild rose petals for self-love and balancing of hormones, pure therapeutic essential oils of sweet orange, ginger, rose geranium, black pepper and rose, topped with a clear  quartz to remind us always to come back to love.


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