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I wildcraft on a weekly basis harvesting small amounts of sustainably harvested wild plants that I dry and infuse into 100% soy wax (vegan, no artificial colours or fragrances) to create natural, locally crafted Intention Candles and organic body butters  using only simple, clean, ingredients to invite ritual, intention and healing. 


All of our Intention Candles are created from wild plant allies hand harvested from pristine natural areas in BC  (Salt Spring Island and the Bridge River Valley) using sustainable practices, handmade in small batches that can be one of a kind, dependent on plant availability, the seasons and inspiration.


The ability to share my crazy love of plants, the wild and pure, simple ingredients. I wanted to share some insights on ingredients and why I use them to help you choose what you feel will work best for you.

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So…why Raven?

So…why Raven?

I have had many special moments in the company of crows and ravens that in some ways have altered my beliefs and how I felt about myself and how we all relate in the world. My first real memory and awareness of ravens was when I was a teenager and my parents and I […]

Rowan Berries – Mountain Ash (Sorbus aucuparia)

Rowan Berries – Mountain Ash (Sorbus aucuparia)

Life flow, Inner Sight & Protector Rowan, or Mountain Ash, is a native tree that prefers to grow high in the mountains and its berries are food to many birds, bears and other wildlife. Rowan’s bright orange clustered berries bring so much colour and beauty to the landscape that surrounds us, her berries holding on […]

Wanderings of a Wildcrafter

Wanderings of a Wildcrafter

I get asked a lot what Wild Craft really means; I walk the woods and forage, I am always on the look out to spot an old friend or to meet a new one, plants have a way of speaking to me, literally jumping out at me, catching my eye with a sparkle, calling me […]

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