Intention Candle Workshops

I started creating Intention Candles as a ritual tool; I found creating something with intention helped me to process and shift certain areas of my life where I may have been struggling or to bring in more light, love and gratitude.  Wild plants offer many gifts as healers with long traditional uses as medicine, are thought to have  magickal and spiritual properties and connect us back to the land; lighting a candle is a ritual, a symbol of self-care while creating a sacred space; I would love to share this process with you so you can create your own magick with wild plant intention. 
Create 2 Intention Candles with a variety of wildcrafted plant materials, pure essential oils and various crystals. I will provide all the materials, all you have to do is provide the space. Whoever hosts the workshop gets to participate free of charge.  Workshop takes approximately 1.5 hours and requires a minimum of 4 people. Host a private workshop or join in! 
$60 per person.   (Prices may vary depending on location and travel expenses)
Courses available on Salt Spring Island,  some parts Vancouver Island and in the Bridge River Valley, B.C. 
To book your Intention Candle workshop call or text 250-538-7988 or email