oh this blog is a long time coming…! I have had so many thoughts and ideas to write about, been stuck and feeling blah, to overwhelmed, excited, over- the-moon, apprehensive; so much change in all areas of my life; an end of a long term relationship, the passing of one of my closest friends and inspiration, loss of my animal friends Ruger and Gypsy and a big move from the BRV to Salt Spring Island to be closer to my parents, twin sister and my nieces; life can be so bittersweet in the process of opening to change and letting go. 

Those of you who know me know my love of the mountains and how moving to the town of Gold Bridge has inspired me immensely; the wild plants, nature so wild and so big.. I wandered around in awe and gratitude every single day. Living in the mountains I found myself, my inner happiness and an intense connection to wild plants. I have taken all the life lessons I have learned in Gold Bridge and have made the move to Salt Spring Island where I hope to grow my business and spend lots of time with my family. Being apart from my family has been the biggest struggle and I am so happy and thankful for us all to be closer together. 

I have been on the island since mid June and have been working on getting rooted, finding my way, hanging out with new plants and looking for areas that resonate for wildcrafting. I am now inspired by all that the ocean and mountains have to offer in their diverse climates and am hoping to create wild blends of natural body products that mirror and honour both land and sea. 

Thank you for your patience and continued support for Ravenwood Wildcraft and I will be adding new products to the website soon! 

Happy harvesting,