For the last 8 months I have started a daily practice of gratitude, journal-ling for a few minutes on what I am grateful for, what I would like to accomplish in the day and create a personal mantra focusing on what my soul needs to release or aspire to be. In the evening I remind myself of the highlights of the day and ways the day could have been better. These simple journal entries have become a guide and a beacon as I navigate life on a day to day basis, focusing on small goals, the little wins in life but most importantly creates an awakening every day about all that I have to be grateful for; deep roots with my family, living in such a pristine valley, breathtaking, awe inspiring views and mountain tops, wildlife, watching the seasons change, diversity of wild plants and surrounded by the small community of people who truly make this feel like home. I am inspired by the beauty, the diversity and all the gifts found in our natural surroundings and hope to connect you with the wilderness and the love I feel for wild plants in my products. I would love to hear from you, to share stories and insights into some of your favorite Wildcraft plants! Thank you for taking the time to connect with me.

Happy harvesting!