Mt Truax create space

This is the time of year that I start the journey to go inwards, a time of self evaluation, reflection, allowing some space into my normally hectic life to discover in the quiet that I have possibly become complacent in areas of my life, lacking creative inspiration, motivation, missed connections or loss of dream time. It is here that I can often fall into a place of anxiety and depression but I am determined to find the light and reach for goals that have been alluding me.
Being present! In my spin of ideas and inspirations, multiple ‘hats’, shifting from one job to the next, I often find myself holding my breath, literally. My shoulders are up around my ears, I don’t remember tasting my breakfast, I forgot my tea on the counter, I am clumsy during my day as I am not mindful or present, constantly trying to think 10 steps ahead of my day. Right now, I am trying to make the practice of breathe, sitting and drinking my tea at the window, observing the beginnings of a new day, honouring the food on my plate, slowing down as I prepare a meal and remembering to taste. (This includes not guzzling my wine!) To savor, not just food, but life.
I am making a commitment to myself to allow 20 minutes a day for journaling, creative play, mindfulness, stretching, meditation…whatever I need that day to reconnect to my inner life.
Creating goals, even small ones! So often months spin by and I have been simply focusing on day to day with no clear focus on how to reach long term goals. It is my intention over the next few weeks to create a series of goals broken down into manageable steps to help me clarify what truely are my inspirations and dreams and to create a map to find my way there.
Self-care. This is a huge one for me; for many of us. I want to create space in each and every day to care, nurture and celebrate who I am. I struggle with this so much, I find it awkward to even delve into the idea of self care, so I am going to start in little ways. Watching my self talk is a big one, how often we belittle or berate ourselves for the small things that go wrong in the day as oppose to providing empathy and support as we would to a good friend. Adding small rituals to the day such as a cup of herbal tea that can calm and nourish instead of reaching for a beer, substituting a walk along the river to recharge as oppose to a ‘sugar’ rush, sitting quietly to sort out my thoughts before reacting to the changes in my day.
I hope whatever you are working through, you find your happiness and create new ways to embrace love and abundance into your life.
Blessings for a new cycle, 2017!