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In beautiful British Columbia


I wildcraft on a weekly basis harvesting small amounts of sustainably harvested wild plants that I infuse in oils or dry to create natural, locally crafted body products using only simple, clean, ingredients to nourish and heal.


All of our natural skin care and body products are wild harvested from pristine natural areas in BC  using sustainable practices, handmade in small batches that can be one of a kind, dependent on plant availability, the seasons and inspiration.


The ability to share my crazy love of plants, the wild and pure, simple ingredients. I wanted to share some insights on ingredients and why I use them to help you choose what you feel will work best for you.

Up in the AIr…

Up in the AIr…

oh this blog is a long time coming...! I have had so many thoughts and ideas to write about, been stuck and feeling blah, to overwhelmed, excited, over- the-moon, apprehensive; so much change in all areas of my life; an end of a long term relationship, the passing of...

Winter Stillness

Winter Stillness

This winter I have been struggling with the blinding white blanket of snow that seems to mirror so much of my inner world. I have been feeling frozen, lonely, a stillness and resistance to growth, the heaviness of false lack, struggling as i wade through my ‘stuff’.



While I am out and enjoying this amazing spring like weather, I am always on the look out for buds and new signs of growth from the trees and plants of the valley.  Right now, pussy willows are making their appearance and poplar buds are golden and sticky with resin.  Alder is starting to wake […]